Sex Toys have taken over my life




I have always been kind of into sex toys, but recently, they have taken over my life. The thing is that I have so many sex toys that I had to go to IKEA this weekend to buy a new chest of drawers to keep them in. Now I am sitting here on the floor and going through my sex toys collection. I am trying to categories them to make sure that I know what I have. Just the sort of thing you want to do before you start your shift at Camden Town escorts.


To be fair, I have always enjoyed collecting stuff ever since I was a little girl. It could have been my mom who got me started. She used to be mad about collecting Tupperware and eventually she made it into a real passion, and became one of the best Tupperware sales people in the country. Of course. Tupperware is a million miles away from Camden Town escorts and collection, but we all like to collect something.


There are days when I think that I have gone slightly mad and have become obsessed sex toys, but then I think that there are so many other things that I can collect. But I have to admit that I might be spending a little bit too much money on my sex toy collection, and that I should consider cutting it down a bit. I am not sure why I am so into sex toys as I don’t use them all. There are actually just a few of the sex toys that I have collected that I use.


Some of the girls that I world with at Camden Town escorts from think that many of the sex toys that I have are a little bit extreme. I know that they are, but I love them. Not only do I use some of them, but I find that many of sex toys that I won just turn me on. I don’t really spend hours looking at them because I don’t have time because of Camden Town escorts but I know that they are there. If I get a boyfriend who likes to play with sex toys, I can always show him my sex toys collection and ask which one he would like to play with. After all, it is a bit of fun.


I only buy sex toys that turn me on. Spending hours online checking out various sex toys sites us not a big deal at all. I love it and if I see a toy that turns me on, I will buy it. That has allowed me to build up this collection of 300 plus toys. The other day, I told one of the girls at Camden Town escorts how many toys that I have, and she could not believe me. Yes, I may have gone a little bit mad with all of my sex toys, but at least it is fun. I do play with myself, and like most other ladies, I have a lot of fun with my sex toys.


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