It is so frustrating being hot and ready to go, but not having anyone to go with. All of the girls at Brixton escorts know how that feels and they are just longing to see you. You may not believe this, but there are many hot and sexy ladies waiting […]

    Who might have thought there would be an escort’s agency in London like Things have positively changed nowadays and we are seeing escorts agencies springing up all over the place in Greater London. It is intriguing to know why. Is it accurate to say that we are […]

Dating former lingerie models is the latest trend all over London, and for some reason Angel escorts agencies have a lot of former lingerie models working for them. Some agents say that they much prefer dating lingerie models to former porn stars. Now, that made the Dating Agencies a bit […]

During my time at petite escorts in London, I have often thought about what it means to be “an item”. It is a term that we seem to use willy nilly and most of us probably don’t really have a clue what it means to be an item. Does […]